IACP Membership  creates a network of professional and social contacts. Members provide and request information about current career opportunities. Obtain up-to-date information of important developments  through the IACP Newsletter. Our meetings are an opportunity to interact on a personal basis with other pathologists, including world class professionals. Learn what type of membership is suitable for you and join. Click here for new membership application.


 Types of Membership:  Click here for membership due form

 Active Membership

Requirements: Active members are duly qualified Doctors of Medicine, Doctors of Osteopathy, or Doctors of Veterinary Medicine whose work involves pathology. Candidates for active membership in the Association may be proposed by any active member at regular meetings after completing and submitting the Association's membership application form to the Secretary. Election shall be by a vote of two-thirds of the members present at the annual meeting . Each Active member shall have one vote in Association affairs and may hold office. The active member shall pay membership dues annually.

Membership Due: US $ 20

 Associate Membership

Requirements: Associate members are non-medical graduates of recognised scientific institutions who have made such contributions to any of the sciences related to pathology. These memberships will be considered and voted at the annual meeting . Physicians in good standing in medical fields other than pathology will also be considered. Associate members pay the regular dues and have all the privileges of Active members except those of voting and holding office. Proposal, application and election shall be similar to that of Active members.

Membership Due: US $ 20

 Emeritus Membership 

Requirements: Emeritus members have the same qualifications as Active members except that these are individuals who have retired from the practice of, but maintained their interest in pathology. Emeritus members may be proposed and elected by a vote of two-thirds of the members. They may not vote or hold office, and their dues will be waived.

Membership Due: Waived

  Honorary Membership

Requirements: Honorary members shall have distinguished themselves by research or personal sacrifice in the course of scientific medicine to warrant their election by the Association. They shall be elected by a vote of two-thirds of the members and have all the privileges of Active members except those of voting and holding office. They shall be exempt from paying dues.

Membership Due: Exempt

 Junior Membership

Requirements: Residents in training may apply for JUNIOR membership. They are not eligible to vote or to hold office. The dues are exempted.

Membership Due: Exempt

 Special Membership

In the interest of promoting the welfare of junior pathologists, the executive officers of the Association have decided to establish three special categories of memberships based on the amount donated to the association. 

Contributing Membership: Donation up to US $99

Sustaining Membership: Donation from US $99 to 499

Sponsor Membership: Donation from US $499