1993 Annual Meeting and Dinner in New Orleans

Minutes of the 1993 Meeting

About 30 members met on March 14 at New Orleans Hilton during the week-long meeting for the U.S. and Canadian Academy of Pathology meeting for 1993.                     

The meeting- was opened by the president, Dr. Joe Lin with introduction of all members and guests present. Agenda as follows:

1) Nomination of candidates for election: Gloria Yu of San Francisco, California, as President Elect and Wing C. Chan of Omaha, Nebraska, as Secretary-Treasurer were unanimously e1ected for the term 93 to 95.

2) Revision of bylaws: Bylaws were revised, read and unanimously approved. The Category of junior member is added to included residents in training. Revised bylaws ,included for perusal. It is felt that we need to recruit more new members, especially from other parts of' the world. Regional coordinators for Hong Kong and Singapore, Peoples Republic of China, Taiwan, Europe, Australia and Canada will be appointed by the president to help in future recruitments.

3) Treasurer's report; As of February 26, 1993. $1,067.76' are in the bank.        

The following were discussed and unanimously approved by members present:

A) Award for best paper presented by residents or fellows in training to be given at the IAP Congress in Hong Kong for 1994. A committee consists of John Chan, H.K. N, Joseph Lee, Yao Shi Fu and Nora Sun will select the paper for the award.

The president emphasized the importance of sponsoring these  activities. Hopefully, with support of the membership dues and donations to the association we will be able to continue these awards at other IAP International Congresses.

B) The committee is also contemplating sponsoring one or more fellowships for young pathologists from Mainland China to go to Hong Kong for further training under the auspices of IAP Hong Kong division. This would cost about US$800.00 pr fellow. So donations are encouraged from all members. for this meaningful endeavor.

4) Beijing connection: Dr. Wu Bing-Quan, Dean of the School of Basic Medical Sciences and Director of Cancer Research Center in Beijing Medical University, has requested and welcomed everybody to attend the IAP China division conference. He also wished to have our members organize or give workshops in China after the ZAP Congress in Hong Ktong in 1994. Anybody interested, please contact Dr. Nora Sun at UCLA Harbor General hospital or Dr. Yao-Shi Fu at UCLA Medical Center.

5) All members are encouraged to participate in the IAP Congress in Hong Kong in 1994 and everybody is also welcome to attend the annual meeting of the Hong Kong division of IAP held every fall in Hong Kong. The person to contact is Dr. H. K. Ng at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

6) Dr. Yu Wen Chang has written a letter to Dr. Joe Lin requesting for help in relocation. His contacting address is 10905 Tony Drive, Lutherville, Maryland 21093, telephone number (410) 321-1865. His letter was circulated during the meeting.

7) Some members have written in to request a more comprehensive directory including academic affiliation, specialty/interest, medical school and year of graduation. A membership update form will be sent with requests for above information.

8) We need to have more Chinese pathologists participating in the function of the Association. Please talk to your friends and ask them to join this organization.

9) We also need more donations. Three new categories of membership have been added: Contributing (donation of up to $99.00); Sustaining ($100-$499): Sponsor (more than $500). We all work very hard to reach where we are today. Please give our junior fellow pathologists some help.

Respectfully submitted,

Gloria Yu, M.D.,