1994 Annual Meeting and Dinner

Minutes of the 1994 Annual Meeting

1) The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m.. The President Dr. Nora Sun introduced the guests and new members. 'The Secretary-Treasurer, Dr. John W. C. Chan reported on the financial status of the Society. Due to the membership drive. new member categories and donations, the Society is in sound financial status with a balance of $3,063 as of March 6, 1994. The regular membership dues remain at $20. Dr. Sun urged all members to become contributing, sustaining and sponsor members, so that we can do more meaningful work for our fellow Chinese pathologists.

2) The C.V. of Dr. Wang Jianming was circulated among the members. Dr. Wang has been accepted by the H. K. Division of IAP as one of the fellows from Mainland China to study pathology in H.K. starting June I, 1994. Dr. Wang will be the first recipient of the scholarship of $800 from IACP, as approved by the membership at the 1993 meeting.

3) A motion was made to contribute $800 to sponsor a new fellow for the year of 1995 to 1996. The motion was unanimously approved by the members.

4) Dr. Sun reported that it was decided by the members of the Executive Committee that only pathology trainees from the People's Republic of China will be eligible for the best paper award for an abstract presented at the IAP Congress in H.K. (1994). The reasons are:

a) They are the most disadvantageous.

b) It would be easier for the Abstract Committee, namely Drs. H. K. Ng,. John K.C Chan and Joseph Lee, to identify the group at such a late stage.

The mechanism of selection will be as follows:

Five best abstracts will be chosen by these three judges. The abstracts will then be reviewed by the members of the Executive Committee of IACP. The winner of the best paper award will receive a check in the amount of US $200. The name of the winner will be announced in the newsletter following the decision. The method of selection may perhaps be improved and suggestions and input from the membership are welcomed.

5) Dr. Sun also encouraged members to attend the IAP Congress and Pre-Congress meeting on T–cell lymphoma in H.K. She also passed on the information of the meeting sponsored by the China Division of IAP on October 16-20, 1994, in Guilin. With the helpful suggestion and advice of Dr. S.K. Peng and Dr. Yao-shi Fu, Dr. Sun has organized four different travel plans to H.K. and/or China through Ms. Ginger Jiang of Travelwise Agency. Any member who is interested in participating in the trip should contact Ms. Jiang directly at (800) 253-6777. Just mention that you want to join Dr. Sun's group. If there are 16 or more persons leaving L.A. on the same day, additional discounts would be given.

6) Dr. Sun urged members to update their personal information and to pay their dues. She also suggested that each member recommends one or two new members. Residents and fellows do not have to pay dues. Dr. John W.C. Chan will send the updated directory in the summer of 1994.

7) Dr. Sun reported that the members of the Executive Committee agreed unanimously that we need active participation of the members, and regional coordinators should be appointed with the following duties:

a) attend the Executive Board meeting on Sunday noon, at the USCAP meeting: actively recruit new members;

b) organize regional activities for local members; and

c) assist in other functions determined by the executive committee.

Respectfully submitted,

Wing C. Chan