1995 Annual Meeting and Dinner in Toronto

Minutes of the 1995 Annual Meeting

Dr. Nora Sun opened the meeting at 6:00 PM on March 12, at the Hunan Lion Restaurant in Toronto. 

Dr. Allen from the Chinese University of Hong Kong reported on the fellowship training program for pathologists from mainland China. The CV of this year's applicant, Dr Changshu Ke. from Wuhan, was circulated and it was decided by the membership to continue our support of the program in the amount of $800.00/year.

Dr. Sun announced that our society has been incorporated and has obtained the tax exempt status. Members are encouraged to donate generously to the society. Dr. Chan presented the financial report on the Society and the report was approved.

The Society thanks Dr. Sun for her leadership as the president of the society. Dr. Gloria Yu will assume the presidency on June 1, 1995. Dr. Wing C. Chan and Dr. Saqe Lee were nominated to be the President-elect and Secretary/Treasurer, respectively; and the nominations were approved unanimously by the members. The completed membership application forms from the attached lists of pathologists or pathologists in training have been received and they were accepted as new members of the Society. We would like to extend our warm welcome and anticipation for their active participation in the future.

Dr. Gloria Yu suggested that the area of interest of each member should be listed in the directory to facilitate scientific collaboration or pathology consultation. The E-mail address may also be listed. If a member has a special project requiring certain materials, he/she may write to Dr. Sage Lee so that she can disseminate the information to the membership.

Respectfully Submitted

Wing C. Chan