1997 Annual Meeting and Dinner in Orlando

Minutes of 1997 Annual Meeting

1. Dr. Yu welcomes everyone who attends.

2. Dr. Win Chan gave the executive committee report:

a) We are looking into the possibility of a web site for the association.

b) E-mail correspondence is encouraged.

c) We are trying to find more regional coordinators.

3. Dr. Lin gave a talk about the history of the Association. The purpose of the Association is to promote friendship among Chinese pathologists and networking, especially to young pathologists in training. The Association is for all Chinese pathologists or friends of Chinese pathologists. Dr. Nora Sun stressed that the Association is not a political entity and takes no political position.

4. Dr. Allen gave the update of HR-IAP divisions' fellowship program. He thanks this Association for continuing support. The Chinese pathologists did very well in this program and he would like to see long term support. Members are encouraged to donate to this worthwhile project.

5. Dr. Yu asks for the permission of the membership to continue the support. The curriculum vitae of the candidates were circu1ated. Dr. Wilson Soohoo moved to increase the amount from $ 800.00 to $ 1000.00 this year. The motion was seconded and passed.

6- Dr. Win Chan gave the nominating committee report. Slate of officers for 1997-1999 were presented:

President: Dr. Win Chan

Vice President: Dr. S. Sage Lee

Secretary-treasurer  Dr. Helen Wang

Dr. Harry Chang moved to close the nomination. It was seconded and passed.

7. Dr. Chan presented Dr. Yu with a plaque to honor her effort as President of the Association 1995-1997.

8. Dr. Sage Lee thanks the donors to the Association: Dr. J.K.C. Chan, Dr. Win Chan, Dr. Harry Chang. Dr. Homer Cheng. Dr. Sin Hang Lee, Dr. S.Lee, Dr. Joe Lin. Dr. Nora Sun, Dr. Kyi  T. Tharn, Dr. Helen Wang And Dr Yu.

9. Dr, Gloria Yu gave a talk about the current status of HMO. Discussions were followed. Although the job market is tight now, there are still jobs out there, especially in academia. However, many jobs are not advertised, thus networking is very important. Also important are excellent knowledge, job skills, personal relationships and good communication abilities. Dr, Harry Chang mentioned that there might be job opening in his as well as others. Residents or fellows are encouraged to contact him or other member for up to date information.

Respectfully submitted,

Sage Lee

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