1998 Annual Meeting and Dinner in Boston

Minutes of 1998 Annual Meeting

March 1, 1998, Boston, Massachusetts

     Forty-six members and friends attended the meeting. Dr. Win Chen, the President, opened the meeting by welcoming everyone at 5:50pm and gave a brief history of the Association. Dr. Chao then reported that Dr. Hong Wu had set up a web page for the Association. Everyone was encouraged. to give her his/her e-mail address. Dr. Chan asked for permission of the members to continue the support of a fellowship for Chinese pathologists to receive short-term training in Hong Kong. Dr. H. K. Ng's letter of the progress of these Chinese pathologists was summarized by Dr. Chan and the curriculum vitae of the candidates were circulated. A motion to continue the support was seconded and passed. The executive committee proposed that a section for pathologists in training be set up and a representative elected. The members discussed this issue in terms of number of representative and candidates. It was then unanimously decided one representative for a term of two years be elected and Dr. Hong Wu was nominated and voted in by the majority of the members to be the representative of the pathologists-in-training section of the Association. A motion to have an option of life membership fee was proposed by Dr. T. C. Wu but did not pass due to objections. This would significantly reduce the opportunities for members to make donation with their annual dues. Then Dr. Hong Wu gave a report on the web site.

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