Past Meetings

The IACP archives constitute an effort to completely reconstruct our early history. If you have any materials such as pictures, reports or correspondence prior to 1993, please send copies of them to our association. We hope to compile a record as complete as possible of old documents.

Here we present a collection of random materials that were scattered among members who generously furnished us.

1992 Meeting Pictures

1993 Meeting Minutes

1994 Meeting Minutes

1995 Meeting Minutes

1996 Meeting Minutes

1997 Meeting Pictures and Minutes

1998 Meeting Minutes

1999 Meeting Minutes

2000 Meeting Pictures

2003 Meeting Minutes

2004 Meeting Minutes

2005 Meeting Minutes

2008 Meeting Minutes

Our Archiving Project: If you have pictures of past meetings, help us reconstruct our history. Send them to IACP for publication on our web site. We welcome other types of contributions. You can submit cases and post messages at the IACP forum. Send your opinion on how this web site can be made more useful to you.